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Become A Christian? Don’t Know What To Do Next? Let Me Share My Experiences With You

A Whole New World

Do I really have to go to church??

Weird Things Christians Do: Saying the grace at the end of a meeting….

Christian Jargon & Churchy Words We Should Explain: INTERCESSION

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

Christian Jargon & Churchy Words We Should Explain: CALVARY

MESSAGE!!! The secret to being content………………what is it??

Weird things Christians do like putting their hands up in worship!

How To Look Beautiful With No Make Up On

Why I Refuse To Watch LOVE ISLAND (ITV2) as a WOMAN, a PARENT and a CHRISTIAN

Reality, life can still get tough as a christian!!

How do we be a Disciple of Christ?

What’s the difference between being a Believer in Christ and being a Disciple of Christ?

Filming a Vlog ‘aint always easy! Bloopers & Outtakes feat. Crown Freedom

What Is Prayer & How Do We Pray?

Andy Mineo Concert in Manchester July 2018 with Crown Freedom

Learn How To Pray Using The A.C.T.S Model

How to cope with life difficulties as a Christian

Do you have regrets in life? Find out what my biggest regret is…

Crown Freedom’s Taste Challenge with Diaz

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