It’s a Good Friday to have a Birthday!

It’s my birthday! Not only that, but it’s Good Friday too! This is not the next part of my birthday reflections blog series, just an acknowledgment of what today means to me. Today is a day to remember what Jesus did on the cross for me, & for you.

People might want to mock, & say it ain’t true but unless you’ve studied it & can prove it ain’t real, & not just because you disagree with some of the stuff in the bible then yeah cool, do your thing. As a Christian I do study the bible, I’ve looked into it, I’ve asked questions, I’ve challenged stuff for the last 10 years. And I’ve experienced it personally; forgiveness, love, salvation, being set free from chains that bound me for a long time.

Jesus set me free by what he did on that cross. I will never regret living the last 10 years following him & I look forward to living the rest of my life in eternity with him. Because just as my pastors sermon this morning asked the question “Where are you going?” I know where I’m going. So, if you want to watch today’s Good Friday service & explore that question for yourself, then you can do so via the link below. I guarantee you’ve never heard a Good Friday sermon like it.

So while I’m grateful it’s my birthday, I’m even more grateful for what today represents & for the sacrifice Jesus made. It’s Friday, but Sundays coming 🙌🏼

Amber x


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