I woke up today feeling super grateful!

Earlier this year, it was 10 years since I became a Christian. In a few months it will be 11 years since I first went to church as an adult. Notice how the two things didn’t happen at the same time, simply going to church doesn’t make you a Christian but that’s a story for another day!

Over these past 10-11 years I’ve had my life transformed, I’m not the same person. The exciting thing for me is that that transformation isn’t finished, everyday I’m being molded & shaped by God.

Without God I didn’t love myself, didn’t respect myself, felt hopeless, depressed, suicidal. Constantly looking for that next high feeling, aching to be loved, to be accepted. Praise God that this is not me anymore!

Reading & studying the Bible has guided, comforted & sharpened me! Practicing Christians don’t just blindly believe & follow, we study, we meditate on the words.  I know people who have learnt to speak/read Hebrew & Greek so they can study the original texts, who have dedicated their lives to studying them. It’s a privilege to be able to study alongside these guys.

When I look around me, I see so much hurt in this world. Young people cutting themselves, people taking their own lives, addicted to drugs/porn/gambling /sex/drink. So much evil, pain & hurt. But at the same time, I look at my Christian family & I see people who have been completely set free from addiction, who have ultimately had their life saved from prison & death all through the power of Jesus.

Personally I’ve seen God answer my prayers. I’ve had things happen to me that could only be the work of God! I thank God every single day for what he’s done for me, I wouldn’t change any of it because through it all he’s making me more like him. Not making me a God but more like Him. Not relying on my own strength but relying on His. Not becoming who I think I should be, but becoming who I was created to be.

I’ve never felt more free in my life than when I surrendered it to God & asked for His help. If you’re feeling like you need that in your life then what are you waiting for? Do it today! I pray that you will know the love & transforming power of Jesus ♥


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