Thank you to those who see us!

I wanted to say thank you to those who have supported us with the journey with Azariah & those who have covered us in prayer. Support has come from unexpected places, believe me! And sadly, it hasn’t come from some expected places.

I can’t tell you how overwhelming and scary it is and has been. I also know it’s very hard to really understand what we are going through & even harder to know what to say, but I am grateful for those that do say something, we appreciate it because it makes us feel seen.

For those that are new to my blog, our son was diagnosed with a congentital heart defect at our 20 week scan and had open heart surgery at 13 days old. He is due to have another open heart surgery early next year.

This journey is very lonely, very isolating. Not only because we need to protect Azariah but because its not often we really get to share how we are feeling, people are scared of that. So are we. Just know its bigger & scarier than you can even imagine! Being seen means a lot, so thank you ❤️

The biggest thanks goes to my husband who goes through this by my side. This is his first biological child and his journey of fatherhood so far has not been easy but he is our sons biggest fan, just as Azariah is his! He is also my biggest support for which I am grateful for.

If you do want to know more & follow Azariahs journey, you can follow him here


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