Hidden in Plain Sight!

My thoughts. The Grammys. Didn’t watch it but I’ve seen clips & read articles. It looked like there was a lot of satanic stuff going down. Hidden in plain sight. Some ppl know what I’m talking about, others are not aware & others will think I’m crazy. This I know – there is a spiritual battle taking place for your soul. The devil is making himself known more & more.

You might not believe in the bible but you might believe in Angels, in heaven, in spirits, in there being a higher power out there looking over you but there is also evil, demons that are killing, stealing & destroying. Why do so many celebs mock Christianity, mock the cross? Why is the faith & the bible banned in so many countries? If there was no power who would even care? Who would give it so much energy? The devil is a deceiver & one of his biggest tactics is to make you think God isnt real.

Believers its time to armour up! If you are a Christ follower & you were able to sit through something like the recent Grammys without batting an eyelid I encourage you to read your bible, honestly.

If you’re not a Christ follower but believe in something, then understand the battle is real, it’s happening. And when the time comes where you gonna be? Will you be armed & ready?

If you couldn’t care less right now, then I hope the things that are happening around the world, in the news, in our media, music, and TV will make you think twice.

My heartbreaks for the stuff I see taking place & I don’t take any of this lightly. It only makes my belief stronger and makes me want to go harder than ever before!


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